Collaborative publishing-
IE Wikipedia

Lets consider Wikipedia,

When collaboratively publishing something on Wikipedia, you must be a registered user. Collaborative forms of work are emulated by

  • Editing existing articles- this can be done by pressing the edit button and adding or removing existing information
  • Creating an article on your user page
  • Search before writing- you cannot collaboratively sculpt a page without checking to see if someone has already written the same information
  • Gather references- legitimate sources should be used and noted when adding or creating a Wikipedia page. This helps with the collaboration aspect in that users are able to visit the sources to find new information from similar sites etc
  • Being careful about this information is also a collaborative aspect. Steering away from controversial and/or plagiarised material enables other users to add information at ease.

Wikipedia also enables for ‘new pages’ to be marked like a construction site to enable other contributors to be aware, that the page needs much editing and the information on it may not be completely valid. This is ensured through the template, {{newpage}}  on top of the page to signify to other editors that the work is a work in progress.

Youtube publishing-

Youtube is considered a publishing platform in that many users upload their own videos. This may be any form of video at all. Videos on Youtube consist of music, vlogs, tutorials and comedy skits. Anything at all, in video form, you name it, it’s all there! Although collaborative, breaches can be made in terms of copyright and infringement in the form of stealing other peoples’ videos. This is especially apparent in music videos. Youtube however is very aware of this problem and it is very common for videos that abuse such rights to be taken down.  When considering the Charlie Brooker video on ‘How to report the news,’ it proposes Youtube as a platform for where other news stations can broadcast news. As a satire against traditional news structures, the video portrays a view that people are able to broadcast in their personal way on Youtube. The video continues to ridicule standard news features such as vox pox and editing faces of people that are being recorded.